• AP Biology is a college level course both in difficulty and degree of sophistication. Students are expected to be self-directed and able to utilize previously mastered biological concepts in the solution of novel problems both in lab and lecture. Good organizational, reading and study skills are essential to any success in this class.
  • BSCS Biology: A Human Approach is a standards-based, introductory biology program appropriate for students of all abilities. Developed with a grant from the National Science Foundation, the program involves students in conceptual biology by using a human perspective, organizes content around six unifying themes and teaches through inquiry, hands-on activities and an explicit 5-E learning cycle. The thematic approach encourages depth of coverage rather than breadth and, with its emphasis on humans, the text presents biology in a context that will be relevant to students' lifelong learning.

  • GeoPhysical Science is a broad subject that deals with the world around us. It includes geology (study of the Earth and its processes), meteorology (study of weather), astronomy (study of the universe), and oceanography (study of the oceans). Lectures, labs, activities, projects, research, and group work will all be used to learn about these subjects. Lecture, labs, projects and/or research will also be a part of the class in addition to daily classwork/homework
  • *Honors Zoology Course 11040
    1 credit.
    Prerequisite: One year of Biology, “B” or higher, Grades 11-12.

    This is a rigorous second year course in biology for the student who is highly motivated by a taxonomic (systematic) study of organisms through a strong coordination between lecture, the text, laboratory work and outside readings. Emphasis is placed upon the laboratory study of selected organisms from the simplest to the  most complex. In the laboratory the student makes observations of animal materials through the use of microscope slides, preserved and living specimens. These observations are recorded as drawings, graded and kept in their notebook. Although there may be reference to human organ systems, the major emphasis is upon zoology. This course aims at a level equal to a beginning college offering, but in no way should discourage the student who is genuinely interested in biology. Zoology is for the student that plans on going into the medical field, veterinary medicine, nursing,biological research or education. Students that have received a grade of “B” or higher in Biology may enroll.